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Components Coolers, fans Fans Supermicro FAN-0091L4

Supermicro FAN-0091L4

Size: 92 mm Speed: 4000 RPM Acoustic noise level: 43 dBA Maximum airflow low rate: 89,9 RPM Connector: 4 pin

Kod towaru 206.009343
Part number FAN-0091L4
EAN 672042020331
Producent Supermicro
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Opcje magazynowe i dostawy
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Poniedziałek 5. 6. najpóźniej Środa 7. 6.
Kurier w Pradze
Wtorek 6. 6. najpóźniej Czwartek 8. 6.
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Wtorek 6. 6. najpóźniej Czwartek 8. 6.
Firma spedycyjna w Europie
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Gwarancja 24 miesięcy
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Szczegółowe informacje


Server processors can often reach very high TDP values (Thermal Design Power), which is why the choice of an appropriate cooler is also an important parameter. It takes care of removing hot air from the surface of the processor and prevents overheating. Going over optimal temperatures could lead to a shutdown of the server.

Coolers are precisely manufactured and tested by the Supermicro company and are certified for certain processor sockets. It's also good to consider the chassis you're going to place the cooler into, different server sizes can be incompatible with different coolers.

In case of any ambiguities when choosing a cooler don't hesitate to contact our sales department for free pre-sales support.

Product Specifications

Diameter: 92mm
RPM: 4,000 RPM
Noise: 43 dBA
Airflow: 89.9 CFM
Connector: 4 pin

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